My name is Nicole Reis and I graduated in Graphic Design between Lisbon
and Prague. Nature and the human psyche are the main channels of my creations. I look for their balance and complexity in everything I do. My area of specialization is editorial design and photography, with a recent interest in video-making.


Where Your Dreams Flourish 

Academic project with the main theme of the role of tecnology in art and design, in collaboration with Luca Mocellin and Jéssica Pomba. Where Your Dreams Flourish is a series of immersive videos curated by the Flourish Collective to provide an escape of our reality, to dive deep into the abyss of creation made possible through contemporary virtual dimensions. A curated audio, guides the mind to a state where the only presence felt is that of joyful surrender. Visuals of different kinds, happening at this dream world lose their label and attain neutrality, convergence.

Where Your Dreams Flourish had the opportunity to be exhibited in Galeria da Boavista, in Lisbon, in between 24 and 26 of June.
June 2021